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Oxy helps you General Questions

Oxy helps youGeneral Questions

You often hear people talking about depilation, epilation and decolorizing, but what are the differences?



The term ‘depilation’ means the procedure of removing only the superficial outer part of the hair, external to the skin, without removing the hair bulb from its follicle.
This can be done by using chemical means (hair-removing creams) that destroy the keratin substance of the hair thanks to the combined action of alkaline and reducing agents. An alternative is to use mechanical means (e.g. razors).

Both of these methods are simple and convenient to use and virtually painless. One disadvantage is that they can promote stronger hair growth.

Products: Creams, Mousses, Sticks, Razors

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Epilation is the removal of hair by pulling, a procedure that enables the extirpation of hair, in other words removal of the hair root from its follicle.
When no problems are present of surface venules (spider veins) or varicose veins, it is possible to use epilation. This can be done using strips of fabric in combination with warm wax, or by using the more modern body-temperature waxes.

Pulling epilation is without doubt the procedure with the most lasting results, but it is also the one that requires the highest level of skill to use.
With pulling epilation, you have the benefit of avoiding the risk of ingrowing hairs

Products: warm waxes, lukewarm waxes and cold waxes, strips and electric epilators.

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Fast bleaching

Thanks to the action of fast bleaching creams, body hair can be made totally invisible.
Unlike epilation, which involves the trauma of pulling, the act of decolorizing is simple and absolutely painless. It can be used even where the hair is too short for pulling.
In the case of darker hair, moustaches, side burns and slight downing over cheeks can be decolorized without difficulty by repeating the application a maximum of two times.

Products: fast bleaching creams.

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