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Oxy helps youFast bleaching creams

When can I start to use decolorizing cream?

Decolorizing cream is the product recommended for very young girls who find themselves having to cope for the first time with the unpleasant problem of unwanted hair. Decolorizing is indeed simple and absolutely painless.
It is also important to bear in mind that at a young age, and especially during puberty, depilation or epilation is not recommended. This is because you risk strengthening the presence of hairs that could instead fall out quite naturally once hormonal equilibrium is reached.

On which areas of my body can I use decolorizing cream?

Decolorizing cream is especially indicated for the more delicate body areas, where the presence of down can represent a real aesthetic problem. Intervening here by using aggressive methods is unadvisable in certain circumstances: e.g. in the case of moustaches, side burns and slight downing of the cheeks, underneath the navel area, on the arms.
However it is not recommended to use this method on eyelashes and eyebrows, due to the proximity with the eyes and the danger in case of contact.

How do you measure out the two creams?

Oxy fast bleaching cream in sachets is a two-component product (bleaching cream + activating cream) to be mixed together in the tray provided just before use.  The single use double-sachet package ensures that dosages of the two creams are pre-measured in the exact proportions required, thus guaranteeing practicality and hygiene. This is a complete and effective product. If, on the other hand, products in tubes are to be used, it is sufficient to mix 2 parts of bleaching cream (the white one) and 1 part of activating cream (the pink one) in the tray provided.

If I feel a slight itching during the application, what should I do?

It is normal to feel a slight itching or burning during the application: this is generally due to the action of hydrogen peroxide. If this sensation proves too strong, it is advisable to rinse the affected area with cold water.

When can I go in the sun after having used a decolorizing cream?

It is advisable to avoid exposing your skin to the sun soon after the application; it would be better to wait at least 24 hours.

Sometimes the sachets or the tubes of decolorizing cream bulge a little. What does this mean? Has the product inside been affected?

A slight bulging of the sachets and of the tubes does not affect the efficacy or skin-tolerability of the decolorizing cream: it may be due to a reaction of the hydrogen peroxide, one of the product’s components.