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Oxy helps you Depilatory Cream

Oxy helps youDepilatory Cream

What should I do the first time I use a depilatory cream?

The first time it is advisable to carry out a test to assess how your skin will react. This is done by applying the cream, following the instructions, over a small area that you want to depilate. If, after 24 hours, no skin reaction has appeared, you may proceed with the depilation.

What sort of precautions should I take when I use a depilatory cream?

The skin should be perfectly clean and dry before you use the cream. The cream should not be used on irritated, chapped, acne-affected or wounded areas of skin, or on skin that has shown an allergic reaction to depilatory creams in the past.

How soon can I go in the sun after having used a decolorizing cream?

It is advisable to avoid exposing your skin to the sun too soon after the application; it would be better to wait at least 24 hours.

How long should I wait before using cosmetic products following the use of depilatory cream?

Following use, it is advisable to wait at least 24 hours before applying perfumes, deodorants or alcohol-based lotions on the depilated area.

I’ve just used the depilatory cream; how long do I have to wait before applying another treatment?

Depilatory cream is a product one may use frequently: it is suitable for use even on the shortest hair.
However, it is advisable to wait at least 72 hours between one application and another.