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Oxy helps you Depilatory Strips

Oxy helps youDepilatory Strips

What is the best way to use depilatory strips?

The strip should always be warmed before use in order to help the wax it contains melt at the right temperature. For this reason, you should rub the double strip between your palms for about 30 seconds.

What sort of precautions should I take when I use the depilatory strips?

It is essential to make sure that the skin is clean and dry and free of any wax or oil residues. The strips should not be used on irritated skin, on cuts, moles or varicose veins. In order to dry any excess bodily moisture present, a talcum powder may be used.

How can I complete my depilation?

You should not use water, soap or solvents to remove any waxy residue. You should use only the post-depilation tissues. While they remove any waxy residue, they also impart a fresh and pleasing sensation and relieve the skin of any burning or reddening. They also aid the capillary vessels in recovering from the stress caused by the pulling motion.

Can I use the same strip more than once?

Each strip can be used repeatedly because the strips maintain their efficacy over several applications.

When can I go in the sun after having used the depilatory strips?

It is advisable to avoid exposing your skin to the sun too soon after the application; it would be better to wait at least 24 hours.