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Liposoluble depilatory wax roll-on kit

Liposoluble depilatory wax roll-on kit


35 minutes to warm the wax


  • 1 wax warmer
  • 1 extra-effective professional lipo-soluble 100 ml wax roll-on
  • 10 high quality non-woven wax removal strips




Liposoluble depilatory wax roll-on kit

Oxy complete depilatory kit removes unwanted hair perfectly. The roll-on kit provides all the instruments required to obtain professional and long-lasting depilation with the greatest of ease.

A very pure wax of vegetable origin, measured out in a suitable quantity through the cartridge provided. Ensures perfect results, is long lasting and less distressing for the skin.

Instructions for use

  • kitcera_lipo_01_03-031

    At least 35 minutes before depilation, insert the roll-on into the wax-warming device. However you should wait until the wax has melted completely.

  • kitcera_lipo_01_122

    Remove mains plug from the power socket and wait a few minutes.

  • kitcera_lipo_01_143

    Ensuring that your skin is clean and dry, spread a thin and uniform layer of wax onto the area to be depilated, following the direction of hair growth.

  • kitcera_lipo_01_164

    Apply the strip of OXY non-woven wax removal and press down to ensure it adheres perfectly.

  • kitcera_lipo_01_185

    Using one hand, keep the skin stretched in the opposite direction to that of the pull you intend to make. This should be made with a firm and quick movement in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.


Glyceryl Rosinate, Glycine soja Oil, Cera Microcristallina.