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Liposoluble depilatory wax

Liposoluble depilatory wax

Liposoluble depilatory wax

Oxy Lipo-soluble Wax ensures effective depilation with professional results. Melting occurs at a low temperature, thus avoiding the risk of burns and of excessive distress to the capillary veins.

Thanks to the careful selection of functional ingredients with the protective action of titanium dioxide, depilation results will be perfect, long lasting and cause less distress. Suitable for all skin types.

Instructions for use

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    Remove the can lid and replace it with the transparent one. Warm up the package using the wax-warming device provided until obtaining a liquid product.

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    After roughly ten minutes, use the spatula to stir the wax and facilitate the melting process.

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    When the wax has a texture similar to that of honey, after roughly 30 minutes, take it out using the spatula, checking its temperature carefully to avoid unpleasant burns.

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    Remove the mains plug from the socket to avoid excessive warming of the product. Use the spatula to spread a thin and uniform layer of wax onto the area to be depilated, following the direction of hair growth.

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    Apply the strip of OXY non-woven wax removal and press down to ensure it adheres perfectly.

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    Using one hand, keep the skin stretched in the opposite direction to that of the pull you intend to make. This should be made with a firm and quick movement in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.

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    Remove any wax residues using Oxy esthètique post depilation-Oil.


Glyceryl Rosinate, Paraffinum Liquidum, Titanium Dioxide, CI 26100.